2020, April 6th – Latest news from Italy

While the whole world is dealing with the spread of coronavirus, here in Italy we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What is going on in Italy right now?

After a month of lockdown and the decision of the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to extend the quarantine until April 13th, we finally have some good news about coronavirus. The number of new infections and victims is decreasing day after day and we have flattened the curve. We hope that a positive resolution has started.

How Coronavirus is affecting the environment?

As industries, transport networks and businesses have temporarily closed down, it has brought a sudden drop in carbon emissions and air pollution is vertiginously decreased.
Since Italian cities are deserted, in this period animals came back to their habitats: Venice canals have now clean water full of fishes, boards walking through the streets, dolphins in the port of Cagliari, ducks in the fountains in Rome. Nature is reclaiming its spaces during quarantine in Italy and thanks to the drones, we can enjoy the show from home.

What is the daily job in Top Travel Italy?

Here at Top Travel Italy we are using this time to keep our clients always updated about the Covid-19 situation in Italy. Beside giving assistance for itineraries that must be rescheduled for later days, the Team is also working to create new products for the next season, adapted to the multiple scenarios of travelling after the Covid-19 outbreak.

We stay positive that there will be a return to travel in the near future, and we are getting ready for it!