10 Top non-touristic things to see and do in Rome – Part 1

Rome is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Italy, but if you want to go beyond the tourist sightseeing, this smart guide will help you discover authentic Roman spots and local traditional habits.

Are you ready to go deep in the uncovered spots of the Eternal City?

1- Bike tour in the Aqueduct park

Forget the crowded city centre of Rome for a day and cycle in the impressive Parco degli Acquedotti, a sample of the grandeur and power of the ancient Roman Empire. The imposing acqueduct’s structures were built to bring fresh current water from the mountains and countryside, to feed the many fountains and baths into the city. The aqueduct system still stands today as a proof of the advanced engineering techniques at Romans time.

2- Food market tour and Pasta making class

No trip to Italy is complete without a taste of the Italian food, so you can dive in and enjoy a full immersion into the traditional flavors, discovering and choosing the best fresh ingredients at the farmer market, that a Chef will teach you how to combine, during of the preparation of delicious meals with your own hands!

3- Walk along the public Rose Garden

If you happen to be in Rome in spring, take one hour of your time to discover one of the less-known spots, just a few minutes away from the famous Mouth of Truth and Circus Maximus. Crossing the gates of the Rose Garden you will be enchanted by the bright colors of more than 1000 species of roses blossoming there, handled by the expert gardener Salvatore, who has been the attendant of the Roseto Comunale for more than 20 years.

4- Aperitif on a rooftop terrace

Italians love to gather and talk accompanied by a few glasses of good wine, and in the Eternal City dinnertime is late, often after 9 p.m. So after work, Romans meet for the pleasant practice of the Aperitivo on a rooftop terrace, having good time with a traditional Spritz (or two) and escaping from the routine thanks to a breathtaking view of the Ancient ruins or the Renaissance palaces of the city. Would you like to try?

5- Cat sanctuary in Largo Argentina

Cats have a long lasting relationship with Ancient Roman ruins, and the Cat Sanctuary is the largest proof of that. Torre Argentina archaeological area not far away from the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, where the famous conductor Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his protected Brutus, hosts 150 felines sheltered amongst the columns and temples ruins, daily fed, cleaned and loved by generous volunteers.

To be continued…