2020, February 27th – Latest news from Italy

All the world is watching Italy right now, and the Corona virus is undoubtedly the topic in all news and
articles, the situation is constantly monitored and we have continuous updates from Italian government and medias about the consequences of the new virus.

What is going on in Italy with the Corona virus?

It is a story that is unfolding, and we are constantly following our inside and outside official sources, here in Italy and in the USA, with official government resources, airlines and suppliers in the North of Italy. In all major tourist areas there is no quarantine, but only precautionary restrictions of public events, to avoid crowded situations (e.g. all events for the Carnival on Venice was cancelled).

Why Italy is the European country with the majority of cases?

Italy has taken very preventative measures and that is the reason of the number of cases and particular attention from all medias; as per now, the only areas affected by quarantine measures are those in the so-called “red zone” in the North of Italy, the few small towns in Lombardy and Veneto which have been placed on lockdown. The increase of numbers was expected, as the screening tests we are running are so numerous that it is not surprising there are more positive cases in Italy than in other European countries!

What happens if I travel to Italy?

In all other parts of Italy life is moving forward as usual, paying attention to the instruction given by the Italian Health department, but with no closure or restriction whatsoever.
All Top Travel Italy office and team is in Rome, and as today all businesses, schools and public places are regularly open, as well as in all regions from Tuscany to down South.

Our customers who are currently in Italy are following their confirmed schedule, with a special eye on any possible news in order to guarantee their safety and comfort during the trip.

Given the current situation, Top Travel Italy is guaranteeing all the services as planned, but of course Customers are always first priority for us so we want you to feel 100% comfortable and safe coming to Italy. We will keep you updated about the situation that now is under control, with no travel restrictions to Italy applied by any other Country in the world. We welcome any feedback and questions that can help people to be reassured about travelling to Italy in the next future, so don’t panic and contact us!