2020, March 8th – Latest news from Italy

Italy is on the spotlight because it is the country in Europe that is most affected by a massive corona virus spread. We want to tell you what is going on from inside the lockdown.

What is going on in Italy right now?

Starting from today, March 8 th , the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has signed a decree that imposes the closure of all schools, museums, cinemas, theatres and other entertainment venues nationwide, in order to fight the circulation of the virus. It is a necessary move to contain the spread and go back to normality as quick as possible. The Italian government decided to fight this battle proactively, running over 50.000 tests throughout the Country and putting a strong effort to make the prediction of future days as precise as possible.

How is Top Travel Italy handling the situation?

In order to make a contribution for a faster resolution, even if throughout the Country it is allowed to physically go to work, Top Travel Italy team has decided to activate the smart working, so me as well as the rest of the team are regularly working from home. Of course since we communicate with Customers and suppliers via e-mail and phone, we actually had no impact in our daily working life, so for us it is not a big change.

How is our team supporting clients in regards to the travel related implications?

We are constantly in touch with all our clients who booked an itinerary or are planning an Italian journey with us, in order to find one to one flexible solutions that can give them all the necessary support during this difficult situation.

We will constantly update you about the latest news through our blog and our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our purpose is to guarantee to all our Customers the comfort and safety in travelling to Italy.

We welcome any feedback and questions that can help people to be reassured about travelling to Italy in the next future, so don’t panic and contact us!