2020, May 6th – Latest news from Italy

Italy was one of the first and most affected countries by COVID-19, where strict lockdown policies were imposed in early March. As the number of new infections continued to decline, on May 4th, after two months of severe restrictions, the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte slightly eased the lockdown measures, entering phase two.

What’s going on in Italy?

Starting from Monday, May 4th, Construction sites, factories and wholesale supply businesses are going back to work, parks and public gardens are reopening, and athletes will be able to resume training for individual sports. Italians are finally allowed to go out for a walk and enjoy this sunny spring. We are also allowed to meet our relatives within our home region as long as we respect preventive measures such as wearing masks and social distancing. Large gatherings are still not permitted.

Have restaurants and café reopened?

Not yet, but they are allowed to deliver food and prepare takeout meals. They will reopen completely on May 18th.
Many restaurants are working very hard to guarantee a good service for their customers even during this difficult moment and they are reorganizing their spaces in order to respect all the security measures for the official reopening day.

What about museums and cultural sites?

May 18th is the reopening date of museums, libraries and cultural sites, but the success of these reopening will depends on the public’s acceptance to strict sanitation and safety measures. Finally we will be allowed to visit again our beautiful museums and monuments; we can’t wait to admire again the stunning Sistine Chapel and to explore the Colosseum!

Currently we have no updates about borders reopening but we are carefully following the news and will keep you updated.

We welcome any feedback and questions that can help people to be reassured about travelling to Italy in the next future, keep on planning and contact us!