Being a Travel Advisor at Covid-19 time

Travel industry has been deeply impacted by the spreading of Covid-19. Millions of travelers worldwide had to cancel or postpone their trips, not without difficulties; they had to deal with hotels, airlines companies, cancellation policies, spending hours over the phone trying to figure out what they have to do.

But what about travelers who decided to book their trips to Italy with a travel advisor? They are not only getting a professional assistance, they’re getting advices, and in some cases, a bit of daydreaming, chatting about the wonderful locations they want to visit after the Coronavirus crisis recede.

What is going on in Italy right now?

After a month of lockdown and the decision of the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to extend the quarantine until April 13th, we finally have some good news about coronavirus. The number of new infections and victims is decreasing day after day and we have flattened the curve. We hope that a positive resolution has started.

What is the advantage of using a Travel Advisor during this period?


A Travel Advisor is a time-saver. Since everybody have been impacted by Corona Virus, and are affected by their own jobs, if you use a travel advisor you don’t have to spend time thinking about rescheduling your trip because we do this work for you. Our role is to mediate between the clients and the suppliers and to make sure that all these changes go smoothly.

Right insights

While people can only send emails and wait days for an answer, we are specialized only in Italian destinations, so we know personally all our suppliers and we talk to them directly, for managing bookings and changes due the Corona Virus.

Personal touch

In this unprecedented times when everything is so uncertain, having a dedicated Travel Advisor to talk to, can reassure you and make you feel more confident about traveling. A personal relationship is the best way to feel protected and pampered!

Eye on the future

Waiting for the travel industry to restart again after the lockdown, we are making good use of our time, using it in professional education to refine our skills and research new services and destinations. So that, when the outbreak will be over, we will have new outstanding travel experiences to offer to our customers.