Why is a great idea to visit Italy at any season: Winter

Visiting dream destinations without the tourist crowds is the desire of any traveler who decides to explore Italy during the low season.

Visiting dream destinations without the tourist crowds is the desire of any traveler who decides to explore Italy during the low season.
The most famous attractions such as museums, archaeological sites and monuments are usually overcrowded in the summer months, but during winter Italian cities are not only less crowded and much less expensive, but also have a special atmosphere that will make your visit unforgettable.
So let's discover 5 amazing destinations in winter, month by month!

1. Visit Italy in November – White Truffle Festival in Alba

Big Truffles from the the hills of Langhe
This is the biggest international fair dedicated to truffles growing in the hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, in Piedmont region. Here, in addition to renowned white truffles, you will taste local delicacies such as wine, liquors, cheese, cured meats, chocolate, mushrooms and, of course, the famous hazelnuts from Piedmont. Did you know that the delicious Nutella comes from this region?

2. Visit Italy in December – Christmas Lights in Salerno

Christmas lights in Salerno’s streets
Definitely the most awaited event in Salerno! Only thirty minutes from the Amalfi Coast, every year from November to January, the city of Salerno hosts one of the most spectacular and impressive Christmas exhibition in Italy, that lights up streets, squares and parks. Wander along Salerno’s streets, while exploring the Christmas markets, tasting local delicacies and admiring the stunning Christmas lights.

3. Visit Italy in January – St. Mark Square in Venice

Winter view of snow covered gondolas moored near San Marco in Venice Italy
Visiting Venice in winter is a unique and memorable experience you won’t forget soon. The weather during winter in Venice will be a bit cold and you may have the chance to see the snow. Picture it: St Mark Square with its magnificent Basilica, no crowds around and a veil of snow that covers the city, making everything magical.

4. Visit Italy in February – Archeological Park in Pompeii

Remains of the ancient city of Pompeii
If you wish to spend a day wandering around Pompeii Archeological Park, almost undisturbed, February is surely the best moment! Enjoy having Pompeii for yourself and forget the thousands of visitors per day. This time of the year will give the perfect opportunity to discover what Pompeii has to offer and to fully experience the ancient Roman town life.

5. Visit Italy in March – Ballarò Market in Palermo

Ballarò Market in Palermo
During summer the temperature in Italy can reach very high peak, especially in the southern area like Sicily, while in March you will have a warm weather, to enjoy the beautiful attractions at their best. The historical market of Ballarò is the oldest and biggest in Palermo and it is a mix of magical colors and smells with fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, fish and local delicacies, a true time travel in the City's past.
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